am920 – CKNX-AM

Over 80 years ago, there was a small store called The Radio And Electric Shop in Wingham, Ontario. Radio was the wonder of the age, and if you owned one of them, you probably sat up half the night listening to stations from Toronto, Montreal, New York or Chicago. The Radio And Electric Shop sold and serviced radio sets, and catered to the needs of a rapidly growing audience. The owner was W.T. “Doc” Cruickshank. One slow business day in February of 1926, “Doc” found instructions in a Popular Mechanics magazine for a small radio transmitter. Using spare parts from his shop, he built one, and set up a small studio in the back of this store. He called his hobby station J.O.K.E. and began playing music and adding local news and sports scores for those in the neighbourhood that could pick up his signal.

Over the years, more powerful transmitters were built, studios moved and enlarged, and the call letters changed from J.O.K.E. to 10BP to CKNX. The commercial broadcast licence for CKNX Radio was granted in 1935. A program schedule was established that reflected the interests of a loyal and growing rural audience. CKNX was known in the early days as “The Voice of Community Service”, “The Ontario Farm Station”, and “Hometown Radio”. Many things have changed over the years, but the philosophy remains the same.

Today, AM920 CKNX provides a professional sound to the residents of Huron, Bruce, Grey, Perth and Wellington Counties. That “Sound Service” includes the latest community information, as well as local, provincial, national and international news. Providing local sports play by play of Junior hockey from around the region as well as Maple Leafs and Blue Jays broadcasts is now a key part of what we do here at AM920 CKNX.

101.7 The ONE – CKNX-FM

In the mid-1970’s, amid growing industries and thriving tourism and agriculture, CKNX decided to expand and offer Midwestern Ontario radio listeners another distinct source of music, entertainment and information.

101.7 The ONE went on the air in 1977 and found a very receptive local audience. Since that first day, 101.7 The ONE has grown and evolved to reflect the tastes and day-to-day needs of our listeners.

On 101.7 The ONE, the main focus is music while still providing hourly newscasts and information that Mid-Western Ontario listeners have come to rely on. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at 100 thousand watts, we serve the listeners of Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth and Wellington counties. That “Sound Service” includes experienced and passionate announcers and newscasters.

Classic Rock 94.5 – CIBU-FM

The new millenium brought new radio station to Midwestern Ontario..


No other station in Canada pumps out the sheer range of rock n’ roll that we do. We’re proud to play rock from the last 40 years, and we wear it like a badge. The vast and willing audience for this rock n’ roll onslaught are known as The Herd, and they’re Mid-Western Ontario’s Finest. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a populace of people anywhere else that are so well-schooled in the art and knowledge of rock. Their loyalty to The Bull is unparalleled, and they’re always taking on new members.

The Bull’s mission is simple: to inundate Mid-Western Ontario with something that they’ve been starved for far too long: rock n’ roll in all its’ heathen glory. We will not be satisfied until The Bull has become the #1 station not only in Ontario, but in all of Canada. And with the ever-growing Herd behind us, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

CKNX Radio is owned and operated by Blackburn Radio